Think ahead.

Your boat spends most of the time in the marina

During these long storage periods, boats are exposed to aggressive conditions (corrosion, galvanic currents, etc.) which may have a serious impact on their safety. SENSE4BOAT is an innovative system which combines modern technology and our lasting experience in the marina industry to ensure the maximum safety of every boat during the long storage periods in the marina.


* based on the reports from the insurance companies


damage occurs in the marina

Prevent damage and avert disaster on your boat

We are using the cutting-edge Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to monitor all the vital parameters of your boat and to detect potential threats long before they become a real hazard. When an alert is generated, you will receive a voice call with a detailed description of the hazard, as well as an email, SMS and push notification.

Smart Battery monitor

This sensor monitors your batteries and provides you with all the relevant information and informs you of actions to be taken, such as when to recharge your batteries. The battery life expectancy can be significantly extended with proper maintenance. Read more about battery maintaince…

Smart bilge sensor

The bilge sensor detects water intrusion in the boat’s bilge and allows you to protect the boat not just from sinking, but also from the mold that occurs due to stale rainwater in the boat. The sensor will also warn you of a freezing hazard.

Price 50€


Smart smoke detector

This sensor will warn you if smoke is detected in you cabin, indicating a potential fire threat. You will be notified, but more importantly your home marina can also be notified immediately. This simple and inexpensive sensor can prevent enormous damage not only on your boat, but on nearby boats as well.

Smart heat sensor

This smart sensor is designed to monitor temperature in enclosed spaces (such as engine rooms and battery compartments). The sensor monitors static temperature, but also detects rapid rises in temperature. Whenever the temperature exceeds a specified threshold (60°C / 90°C /105°C, configurable) or rises faster then normal (7-20°C/min.,configurable) an alert is generated as a possible indication of fire. Freezing point detection included.

Price 50€


Smart water and heat sensor

This smart sensor will detect the most important safety hazards to your boat: heat and water intrusion.
In order to detect heat (above 105°C), we use the patented technology of the US-based manufacturer Protectowire, developed specifically to detect heat in the most demanding conditions, such as aeroplanes, industrial plants, power plants, oil rigs etc.

Key features

No central unit

We use cutting-edge IoT technology. Each of our sensors is directly connected to the Internet so there is no need for an expensive and complicated central unit.

Easy to install and configure

Choose the sensors you want, install them in your boat and within only a few minutes, you can start monitoring your boat!

Autonomous wireless sensor

Powered by internal batteries, no connection to boat’s electrical wiring. The sensors do not drain your boat’s batteries.

No SIM, no roaming

We are using Sigfox, the world’s largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required, only a moderate annual subscription starting from 60€ / year.

Free mobile application for boat owners

Monitor all the sensors and check all the measurements collected from the various sensors anytime, anywhere with our mobile application.

If an alert requires your attention or action, you will be notified via the mobile application, email and voice call. Log all alerts and warnings generated by those sensors.

Download our application here

Our system works best connected to your home marina

Connect your sensors to your home marina*, so that all alerts, warnings and measurements can be forwarded to your home marina as well. Your marina can take actions to protect your valuable boat and provide you with better service (battery maintenance, docking assistance, boat care).

* Works only in marinas ready and willing to provide this service.

Our satisfied customers

Since our recent introduction we are getting more and more satisfied customers every day. Please read some of their testimonials below…

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I would like to tell you about my experience 1 month after installing my SENSE4BOAT sensors. I am very satisfied with the sensors, the installation was child’s play to do, since the sensors need no power supply from the outside, no cables were necessary for the installation. The battery sensors are just great, I can see from home whether my batteries are charged and in what condition they are. The bilge sensor and fire detector are also great safety features for my boat. Should something really happen, the marina can provide immediate help and keep the damage in check. I’m happy to find such a great product in the marina, keep it up. A very successful product, which I can only recommend to every boater.

Christoph Kürbisch, Bavaria 33 Motorsport

I left the main switch of my batteries on, and the voltage of my batteries dropped within hours to levels which might have damaged my batteries. Luckily, I got a low battery warning from SENSE4BOAT and saved my batteries.

M/Y Puntica Owner

I had a hunch that my left engine battery was reaching its end, but no measurements to prove it. It is very difficult to determine when the battery needs to be replaced if you don’t have proper measurements. Thanks to the battery monitoring sensor I got a warning to replace the damaged battery.

Customer from Slovenia