90% of the time,

your boat is docked
in a marina.

Things can go wrong while you are away, even in a marina.

We also own boats, and we, like you, wish that we can spend more time sailing, and less time worrying about our boat while we are away.

The reality is, your boat spends most of it’s time bumping fenders against the neighbours and waiting for you to return with good weather.

Incidents like fire, water damage, electrical failures, and uncontrolled battery consumption tend to happen, while you are away from your boat.

The Sense4Boat platform enables you to not worry about the safety of your boat, the status of the batteries, and other issues. With our innovative technology, we make sure that even when you are sound asleep, or far away, your boat has someone to call for help.

Sense4Boat sensors monitor major risk factors on your boat. They are economical, easy to install (no wires or electrician required), have their own battery which lasts up to 7 years, do not connect to the boat’s electronics and do not void the warranty of the boat.

Improve the safety of your boat in 3 easy steps:


Download the
Sense4Boat app

Download our FREE Boat Companion APP. Even without any sensors the Sense4Boat App will make your boat ownership easier.

Use it to conveniently log all activities done on your boat, (and the associated cost if you wish), connect with other boaters with a similar boat, use the Anchor alarm feature, and of course remotely monitor your boat’s status if you choose to add Sense4Boat sensors to your boat.


Get only the
sensors you need

All our sensors are autonomous, meaning they will work on their own. No central unit needed. This means you can order exactly what you need, but also it means that there is no single point of failure. If for any reason one sensor stops working, all other sensors remain unaffected.

We suggest starting with the Bilge and Battery sensors to get one top of the most common problems on boats: water ingress and faulty batteries.


Connect to
your Marina

Choose to connect to any of our partner marinas and share eventual alerts data with them. Even if your home marina is not in our partner network you will be able to add their emergency numbers and emails to which we will automatically make calls in case of any emergency detected by our sensors.

This way, even when you are far away from your boat there is always someone who can react quickly when necessary.

What is Sense4Boat, and how does it help you?

 Sense4Boat is the simplest boat monitoring solution in the world.
It consists of smart sensors, a smartphone application and an an online Control Center.

With smart sensors which do not connect to the boat’s electrical system, a SIMless internet connection and a battery life of up to 7 years, Sense4Boat enables boaters to prevent various hazards the boat is exposed to while they are away from their boat.

Unlike other solutions, Sense4Boat connects your boat to your marina or yacht service provider, as well. This ensures that even if you are hundreds of miles away, there are professionals on call who will handle a problem if it occurs.

Sense4Boat is a proven system trusted by:


More than 3.000 boaters have already equipped their boats with Sense4Boat sensors.
Reasons given: Sense4Boat system is economical, simple, modular, and is compatible with my marina.

Look below for testimonials from some of our clients and read what they say about our product and service.


Over 35 partner marinas all over Europe are leveraging alerting data from the Sense4Boat Sensors to improve their service and safety of the boats in their care.

D-Marin, the leading marina chain in the Mediterranean is including Sense4Boat sensors in their berthing fee, making them an integral part of the marina services.


Insurers are taking into account the reduced risk of  common causes of damage to boats equipped with Sense4Boat sensors.

The largest insurer in Croatia is already offering 20% discount on hull insurance to boats equipped with our sensors.
More to come soon in outher european countries.


Yacht Service / Boat Care companies also use Sense4Boat to provide better care to their clients and to increase the transparency of their service.

Sense4Boat helps Yacht service companies manage more boats, expand their support area while increasing the quality of their service.

Key Features


Sense4Boat sensors do not require a central unit to connect to the internet. They do this on their own via a dedicated and global IoT network, which means no new wires running through your boat and no additional connectivity costs.


Without the need for a central unit and with no wires required, installation can be performed by anyone in just a few minutes.
All you need is a screwdriver, and for certain sensors not even that.


Sense4Boat sensors do not connect to the boat’s network or power, making them independent and safe to install in any boat. So, no voided boat manufacturers guarantees, and only love from insurers :)


Sense4Boat sensors are connected to our control center which automatically notifies your marina or yacht service to respond to potential threats which are not visible by rutine visual inspections.

What do our clients say about us

Fairline 43

Usually, I am looking into battery status and react accordingly keeping by batteries alive and in good condition. Other sensors (Bilge, smoke and fire) are installed as well and all together it gives me a peace of mind while I am away from my marina. When I leave my boat in a marina, whole electrical system of the boat is switched off, and Sense4Boat sensors do not need to be powered from the boat batteries so this is a perfect solution. Sensors are small, installation is easy. One carefree system indeed. Since the company’s HQ is in a large marina, they are surrounded by more than 1.000 boats having fresh information every day about boat batteries, fire on the boat, water penetration and all other bad things that can happened (and are happening) to the boat. So, they have inexhaustible source of new ideas just in front of their office.

Best regards, Mark

Merry Fisher 8.95

I have been using Sense4Boat for two years. The system works perfectly and so far. I can keep an eye on everything at all times via the app, so I was able to see over the winter that my AGM batteries should be charged. Without the sensors or the app, I would not have noticed this and would have had to make an unnecessary investment in new batteries. So the sensors have already paid off for me.

For me as the owner, the additional safety aspect is also important when I am not on the ship. Marina and the boat owner immediately notice irregularities and receive an alarm message. This is done at an early stage and the marina employees can avoid major damage to the ship and, above all, to other ships. The time factor plays the decisive role here. I already told Kresimir during his survey that this technology should be mandatory for all boat owners who have a permanent berth in the marina. Thus, every owner gains significantly more security and does not need to worry about his property. I also find it very gratifying that the network has been significantly expanded over the past two years. That means that I also have this security in many parts of the Croatian Adriatic. For me a carefree package.


Bavaria 43 HT

For your information.,
An absolute great system. The bilge sensor has saved my boat this year in March.
Came from land into water but a big hose was not connected.
Without the sensor the boat would have taken a big damage or would have possibly even sunk.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Best Regards, Karsten

Bavaria 33

I am very satisfied with the sensors, the installation was child’s play to do, since the sensors need no power supply from the outside, no cables were necessary for the installation.

The battery sensors are just great, I can see from home whether my batteries are charged and in what condition they are. The bilge sensor and fire detector are also great safety features for my boat. Should something really happen, the marina can provide immediate help and keep the damage in check. I’m happy to find such a great product in the marina, keep it up. Really a product, which I can recommend to every boater.

Jeanneau Leader 10

I have sensors for bilge and fire as well as battery monitoring installed on my boat.
As an electrician, I know how dangerous, for example, a cell defect can be on a battery. It creates very high heat, mostly in the charging process. That is, in my opinion, the most common cause of boat fires.

I myself had a problem with the battery charge before. The battery got so hot that the wood panel was lightly burned. The remote batteries monitoring has really been worth it for me. Not only that I am constantly informed about the state of charge, but I was able to detect errors in the installation in a short time by looking at the diagrams of the discharge.

I am very happy with the sensors and my boat is safe even when I am not on board.

Bavaria 35

For almost 20 years I am owner of various boats, my current boat is the Jambolaya with mooring on the island of Krk. The Sense4Boat technology I find unique. I have not only permanent control and more security, I am also convinced that I can save money with this technology in the end. But when I think of what I have spent the last few years on money for batteries because they were permanently deep unloaded because it was not checked in time or was not responded in a timely manner. I hope that I can save myself these expenses in the future.

My biggest concern was the installation, but it was quick and easy.  The system runs perfectly, I do not want to do without it anymore.

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