Most major incidents happen while boats are unattended

90% of the time boats are unattended in a harbour or a marina. Exposed to various adverse weather and at risk from variable conditions of boat equipment, misuse or negligence they are prone to various incidents that result in partial or total damage.

Incidents such as water ingress, fire, or theft of equipment tend to happen while boats are moored in a marina. Usually tightly packed next to each other there is additional risk of damage transferring to the neighbouring boats.


Mostly caused by galvanic currents, corrosion,
freezing, stern drives bellows, stuffing boxes, water hoses, water damage or even sinking happens mostly while the boat is docked or moored.



In most of the cases caused by DC installation while on mooring. Often caused due to the fire spread from adjacent boats



Boats are mostly stolen when on a trailer, but also from a dock / slip, lift or a rack. Jet-skis, outboard engines, dinghies, smart gadgets and anything loose is also a target.


The risk of common incidents can be significantly reduced with Sense4Boat

Boats equipped with Sense4Boat sensors are significantly less likely to succumb to damages caused by water ingress, fire, electrical failures, and due to a positive self-selection effect, pose a lower risk of getting into sailing accident or attempting insurance fraud.

Improve your combined ratio by attracting profitable clients, understand your risk exposure better with advanced analytics and leverage new sales channels with minimal client acquisition cost.


Water accumulating inside the boat can be a process that goes on for weeks before the effect is noticeable from the outside.

Sense4Boat’s Smart Bilge Sensor uses a float-switch placed inside the boat’s bilge to monitor the water level.

When the water level is higher than the maximum level allowed, the sensor will notify our Control Center.
The analysed data is then automatically forwarded to the boat owner, the marina and the insurer, thus preventing water damage and eventual sinking of the boat.


Most fires that started on a boat while it was unattended originated in the boat’s engine room; a compartment packed with various equipment including the batteries, battery chargers, AC generator, bilge pumps, and of course the engine(s).

Sense4Boat’s Smart Heat Sensors are ideal for this type of compartment. They react on temperature changes and alert our Control Center if there is a sudden temperature rise and if the measured temperature is above a predefined threshold.

For the regular boat cabins, our Smart Smoke Sensor, optimised for marine use, monitors smoke presence and daily temperature and humidity values.


Depending on the geographical location, entire boats and certain equipment is stollen more than others. Outboard engines, rubber dinghies and similar equipment is often the target.

With our Smart GPS Locator, which is battery powered, easily concealed in any location, and whose signal cannot be jammed, boat owners can keep tabs on their boats and equipment and in case of theft, even recover it, by tracking it’s location.

Partnership benefits beyond risk reduction

Clean up the
existing portfolio

Offer a new, telematics based, insurance product (at renewal) which covers select risks and includes a Sense4Boat sensor with the policy.
Launching your own UBI project with Sense4Boat is easy.

Attract new
profitable clients

Offer added value through preventive services, create atractive targeted products and Introduce personalised pricing models to attract clients who are proactive about their boat safety.

Leverage a new
sales channel

Sense4Boat users interact with our system from our smartphone application several times per week..
Present your products and services to over 3000 Sense4Boat users.


Learn the habits of boats owners who consent to sharing their boat usage data in return for insurance benefits.
Stop relying on historical and statistical data and implement actuarial models that use individual real time data.

Create new, smart

yacht insurance products

With near-real-time data gained from participating boaters, automatically create new personalised products for each potential client.
Become a proactive partner to the boaters which helps them avoid damages, rather then a reactive reimburser whom they contact only when they have a claim.


• Differentiation from competition with tangible, risk reducing, services
• Acquisition of profitable clients
• Loss-ratio improvement
• More competitive pricing based on lower risk
• Insight into client behaviour / boat use

Advanced risk analytics reports and management

Get access to your near-real-time risk exposure, based on boat locations,
boat usage patterns, and weather alerts.

Identify and reward safe clients, provide incentives for safe and responsible boat ownership, and improve your loss ratio.

S4B platform and sensors are unique on the market


Sense4Boat sensors do not connect to the boat network or power, making them independent and safe to install in any boat. They have their own replaceable batteries which last up to 5 years.


Sense4Boat sensors do not require a central unit to connect to. They operate independently, making them easy to install, change, and add new ones.
No new wires running through boats.


Each Sense4Boat sensor directly connects to the control center using a 0G network by Sigfox – a global IoT Network operator. The enables them to be independent, save power and be resistant to jamming.

Reduce risk of fire and freezing

Fire is usually spotted at a very late stage, at which it already had developed high temperatures and spread to the adjacent boats. Sense4Boat provides a sensor, resistant to high temperatures often found in engine rooms, which continuously monitors the smallest changes in the temperature and notifies the boat owner and the marina about sudden temperature changes, or extremely high temperatures. 

Detect smoke in boat cabins and reduce risk of fire

The battery-powered photoelectric smoke sensor is designed to protect boats from the dangers of smoke and fire.
Optimised for detecting slow smoldering fires which generate light smoke, little heat and may smolder for hours before bursting into flames. This sensors notifies the boat owner and the marina in case it detects smoke.
In addition to detecting smoke this sensor also monitors daily average temperature and humidity values.

Protect boats from sinking and water damage

Prevent water caused hazards with the Sense4Boat Smart Bilge sensor. The sensor is IP67 certified making it safe to install in the bilge. It comes with a practical float switch which can be installed in any bilge configuration, at a desired height.
When high water levels are detected, the sensor notifies the boat owner and the marina.

Monitor a boat, dinghy or an outboard engine and protect it from theft

This new generation, battery powered, GPS / GLONASS locator is a perfect theft protection device, as it can be installed virtually anywhere on a boat and is highly resistant to signal jamming.

Due to it’s small size and replacable 3xAA alkaline or lithium batteries this GPS locator can be used to monitor the location of boats, a dinghys, jetskis, outboard engines or anything else you wish to protect.

Get started with minimal upfront cost!

Our experienced Insurtech team will guide you through the available partnership options, and help you devise the optimal strategy for your market.