Sense4Boat and D-Marin win two Health & Safety Awards

Jun 9, 2024 | News

At this year’s Health and Safety Awards organised by Boussias in Greece Sense4Boat and D-Marin brought home, not one, but two awards! 
Gold award in the Health and Safety category, and Silver award in the Best Use of Technology category.

Both awards concern D-Marin’s implementation of our smart sensors and the Sense4Boat Online Control Center.
D-Marin is a leading Marina chain operator in the Mediterranean sea. They have integrated the Sense4Boat platform in their daily operations so that the boats in their care can be even safer.

Every client with a yearly contract with D-Marin, depending on the boat type, gets 3 or more Sense4Boat sensors to install on the boat. The sensors monitor water ingress, sudden heat rise, smoke presence and battery voltage and temperature, thus making sure that the boaters and the marina staff get immediatelly notified if there is an incident which mightn not be visible from the outside but still needs attention in order to prevent damage to the affected boat and the boats nearby.

Since the implementation in 2023, the Sense4Boat system has already prevented damage to several boats stationed in D-Marin marinas, by notifying the marina staff about water ingress caused by faulty valves and batteries overheating during charging, and enabling them to react on time. The affected boats suffered no damage due to the timely reactions of the marina.